Arts Projects

We specialise in providing mobile arts activity services for people living in the care and social housing sectors.

We work with individuals to plan activities that meet their likes and dislikes, giving them the skills to live well; whilst developing strategies to help manage their behaviours, thoughts and feelings.

Active beneficiaries of our work include people with physical and sensory disabilities, learning disabilities, those managing mental health problems and other long-term health conditions. We are also experienced in working with specific BAME audiences. We can provide weekly, or biweekly, arts and making sessions long term or offer a short block of 8 weeks, sustaining this activity with staff training, activity boxes or weekly activity sheets on our website.

We reinvent creative processes to enable any audience to access art and making techniques at their own level. Our work was shortlisted for the Arts Health South West Prize in 2016 and in 2018 we received a Transform Ageing award.

We can offer any kind of visual arts and making session for groups. We provide creative activities that can be completed in a one-off session, whilst bringing in alternative activities to meet everyone’s needs.

We often work in multiple use spaces. As such we work with small scale or adapted tools. We don’t expect potters wheels and printing presses, that would require a technician to maintain; you can expect us, however, to offer alternative clay and printing techniques.

We measure our outcomes with qualitative
 and quantitive data, which we provide for
 your dissemination. We recognise the importance of liaising with staff; writing 
feedback, portraits, observations and we
 document our work through video and photography.

We work closely with the local community to showcase participants’ work at special events or community settings, developing projects with other local agencies or groups, raising the profile of marginalised audiences.

We use student-standard or recycled tools and materials. If we were requested to make ‘archive quality’ art works for permanent display or for special events we would amend our budget.