Help with Your Account

Stuck? View our FAQ's below for a handy guide.
How do I signup?

Under the join in tab follow to sign up and select membership level.

Where is the Forum?

You will find the forum tab under member resources.

How do I use the Forum?

There are lots of ways to use the forum depending on whether you are an activity provider or a participant.

For activity providers you can download the guidance notes, publish photos and discuss your projects or ask questions about providing activities.

Sapphire and diamond members can also download weekly activity sheets from their resources page.

For participants you can join in with our monthly photo club competitions or share your photographs and digital imagery in the smartphone and digital projects forum.

I have forgotten my password

When logging in click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link and you will be guided through a method to reset your password. This will be sent to the email you created your account with.