Join in with the sock bunny challenge by watching this instructional video. Alternatively sign up as an emerald member on our website to download the free activity sheet and browse our library of activities.
the activity sheet
Online Sock Bunny Competition
1. Longest ears
2. Cutest tail
3. Happiest bunny
4. Menacing bunny
5. Prettiest bunny
6. Best essential worker bunny
7. Bunny the judge would most like to take home
8. Best bunny ‘mis en scene’ (photograph your bunny in a set or situation)
9. Best bunny video (interpret this your way)
10. Best in show
11. The peoples bunny
Email us your photos, post them directly to us on social media or tag us in your posts. Don’t forget to tell us what category you are entering too.
Deadline for entries Saturday 11th April 2020
Judges will announce winners Monday 13th April the Judges decision is final.

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